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Sopa de Ajo

Travel Your Taste Buds to Spain with Sopa de Ajo

Discover how clever Spanish peasants turned stale bread, garlic, and scraps of ham into a delicious soup.Continue

Get Saucy with Greek Baked Shrimp

Try this quick and tasty dinner and don't forget extra bread to soak up the sauce.Continue
Frozen Strawberries

Turn Frozen Strawberries into Sweet Smoothies

Who knew that there was a right way to freeze strawberries? Marc shares the proper method.Continue
Salade Lyonnaise

Create a Colorful Plate with Salade Lyonnaise

Combine salty, tangy, bitter and creamy for a taste sensation to make anyone a salad fan. This French dish is perfect for breakfast or brunch.Continue
basil chocolate cake

A Summer Family Recipe: Basil Chocolate Cake

This cake calls for a whopping cup of basil! Sprinkle confectioner’s sugar and some fresh basil leaves as a garnish or drizzle on berries.Continue

Treat Yourself with Pineapple Coconut Smoothies

Need a delicious poolside companion? Try this coconut smoothies recipe for a great flavor combination of fresh pineapple and coconut milk.Continue

Discover Crispy and Tangy Tonkatsu

This tonkatsu recipe is best served with a tangy sauce drizzled on top, and it calls for a succulent pork cutlet crusted with panko breadcrumbs.Continue

Stay Healthy with Nutrient-Rich Seaweed Salad

This seaweed salad recipe is a healthy Japanese dish. It's sustainable and loaded with nutrients like fiber, vitamins and minerals like iron. Continue
Roasted Red Pepper Pesto recipe

Roasted Red Pepper Pesto

Roasted red peppers infuses them with an irresistible aroma that makes a rich pesto.Continue

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