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Beth Madland

Beth Madland from Bake, Decorate, Celebrate
Beth Madland started decorating cakes when she received a Wilton starter kit in junior high. While not a master decorator, Beth can hold her own with a star tip. She even “mastered” the rose while working at a bakery decorating cakes part-time.

Beth spent eight years in television news as a reporter, videographer, producer and eventually hosted the number one morning news show in Lexington, Kentucky. But it was co-hosting a show called “Let’s Do Lunch” that led to a long friendship with her co-host Melanie Glasscock. Beth is thrilled to help out her friend on “Bake Decorate Celebrate!” while Melanie takes some time off to be with her family.

Having more fun demonstrating crafts and cooking on TV during that afternoon show than covering the latest hard news story, Beth searched for work in the craft entertainment business and left news behind.

Beth lives in North Dakota with her husband and two children, Coleman and Ella.

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