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Kathy Powers

Kathy Powers
Courtesy of Kathy Powers: Kathy Powers, the Executive Producer, Director and Host of Hey Kids! Lets Cook, is an award-winning educator, innovative chef, and advocate for kids nutrition. Chosen as Middle School Educator of the Year in 2003 out of over 500 middle school teachers, her tremendous teaching experience as well as her engaging, energetic approach to the subject has personally helped over 8,000 children to learn to love cooking. Kathy earned her Bachelor of Science degree and Teaching Credential from California State Polytechnic University, San Luis Obispo. Most recently she earned her Master of Arts in Reading and Language Arts and her Reading Specialist Credential from California State University, Fresno.

The recipes Kathy teaches show that cooking can be healthy, nutritious, and mouth-watering. Kathy’s dedication to food and nutrition education and her careful observations of the food industry have resulted in this exciting, award-winning series. By bringing her teaching program to television, Kathy can offer many more children the opportunity to successfully cook for themselves, receive valuable instruction on nutrition, and keep them coming back for (healthy!) seconds.

Hey Kids! Let’s Cook is a refreshing and innovative cooking show based on nutrition – created just for kids and teens. The series helps children and teens develop valuable cooking skills, while demonstrating how to make easy, irresistible, delicious recipes. Kids love the entertaining format that includes field trips and meeting entertaining new characters like Farrah on Manners and Emma. Parents and educators love the nutrition education, living skills, and core-curriculum integrated into each episode. Hey Kids, Let’s Cook! was created just for “chewers just like you!”

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