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Peg Neeson

Peg Neeson
Peg Neeson is a familiar face to anyone who has seen the WVIZ/PBS on-air membership campaigns. And for WVIZ/PBS Cooks! fans, she’s the yin to Kent Geist’s yang, seated at a table in the studio, gobbling up delectable dishes prepared by the region’s best chefs and cooks… that is, as long as they’re not too spicy… don’t have any mushrooms in them… and oh, let’s not even talk about scallops!

Back “in the day,” before her WVIZ/PBS Cooks! “fame,” Peg was the Public Information Director for WVIZ/PBS. In that role, she was responsible for all publicity, advertising and special promotional events for the TV station, and served as the station’s spokesperson and media relations representative to newspapers, radio stations and commercial television stations in Northeast Ohio. She was the editor of the WVIZ/PBS Program Guide and the recipient of numerous statewide and national awards for her work.

When WVIZ/PBS and 90.3 WCPN joined forces to become ideastream in 2001, Peg changed hats and became the organization’s Community Relations Director, creating and coordinating major special events for ideastream. When you watch the annual WVIZ/PBS Televised Auction or you attend the Heinen’s/WVIZ World Series of Wine or the station’s hugely popular Globe in a Glass event, you’re experiencing Peg’s handiwork. Her most recent project is called ideaSpeakers, a series of events that will allow viewers and listeners to meet and talk with some of public television’s and radio’s most beloved personalities.

Peg is on the Board of Trustees of Women in Sports and Events. She enjoys traveling and is a licensed scuba diver. She and her therapy dog, Emma, are frequent visitors to Fairview General Hospital where they bring smiles to the faces and brighten the days of countless patients.

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