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Peter Marczyk

Colorado grocer and Marczyk Fine Foods owner Peter Marczyk - Denver's most eloquent grocer - has always been passionate about cooking with the best ingredients. He has no formal culinary training, but a childhood filled with homegrown ingredients, including chickens, trained his palate. In fact, he managed to win his wife's heart with a simple salmon dinner. His philosophy hasn't changed since that fateful meal: Keep it simple, make it great.

Born and raised in Easthampton, Massachusetts, Pete moved to Denver in 1990 and had a successful career as a stockbroker before walking away from the financial world to follow his true passion: food.

In April 2002, he opened Marczyk Fine Foods and quickly became an expert on everything from American meat production to mushroom foraging. Pete approaches cooking with the same intensity he does stocking his store's shelves, delving for the best ingredients and experimenting until he hones the perfect recipe. Marczyk Fine Foods has become a destination for exceptional meats and pantry items, and Pete has become the go-to for culinary information.

So it made perfect sense for Rocky Mountain PBS to enlist him to host their new webseries, "Great Ingredients."

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