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Yannis Mameletzis

Yannis Mameletzis | PBS
A rare combination of a scientist and gastronomic genius, “Chef Yannis” (as he is affectionately known) recently completed his Ph. D in molecular epidemiology at the preeminent University of Oxford’s St. Peter’s College in the UK. Prior to his doctoral studies at the Oxford, “Chef Yannis” obtained his Master’s in Public Health from Yale University and previous to that, had doubled majored in Biology & Religion at the University of Rochester as an undergraduate. Because man cannot live by science alone, he worked as a pastry chef for one of Britain’s most celebrated chefs, Jamie Oliver (“The Naked Chef”) at Jamie’s Italian in Oxford. During his Oxford years, “Chef Yannis” also served as the President of the Oxford University Gastronomy Society, where he promoted the culinary arts to both undergraduate and graduate students in Oxford. He is currently living in Geneva and working as a public health consultant. As a chef, “Chef Yannis” has a passion and expertise in Mediterranean cuisine and Greek pastries. As a public health scientist, he is an advocate of the health benefits of the Mediterranean diet and keen to spread the gospel of authentic Greek whole foods to communities across America.

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