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Fig and Nectarine Bacon Bites

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Recipe by Thy Tran . These are simple to make yet very, very good. Bring bacon bites for your next potluck picnic and see how many new friends you make.



  • Fresh Figs
  • Nectarines
  • Bacon Slices


  1. Trim off the stem tips of fresh figs and slice nectarines into thick wedges. Cut each strip of bacon lengthwise into two thinner strips.
  2. Wrap each piece of fruit carefully with a ribbon of fatty goodnes.
  3. Sear the bacon bites at the edge of the grill, where it's not quite so hot, or wait until the coals are dying down at the end of the picnic.
  4. Serve over baby arugula leaves as a salad or nibble as is, hot and glistening, for dessert. I think they would be lovely over vanilla or caramel ice cream.
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